Mayo Clinic Platform and BD to Collaborate on Post-Market Surveillance

June 14, 2022
Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover, a product of Mayo Clinic Platform, will give Becton, Dickinson and Company access to its de-identified real-world data to analyze using AI

According to a June 13 press release, BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), a global medical technology company, announced it is collaborating with Mayo Clinic Platform to access de-identified patient data from Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover. The partnership aims to perform post-market surveillance on its products.  

Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover, is a product of Mayo Clinic Platform, and has de-identified structured and unstructured data sets from 10 million patients, images, 1.2 billion lab test results, 3 million echocardiograms, and more than 640 million clinical notes. BD plans to analyze the data using data mining and artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to improve the patient experience, enhance its current products, and develop new products.

“By using the rich historical data for predictive modelling, BD also will look to make more accurate forecasts related to device use, to increase efficiency for new clinical trials and to generate evidence,” the release says. “BD will also apply the Mayo Clinic data to support new claims for its products and streamline medical device regulatory submissions.”

Lisa Boyle, vice president of global clinical affairs and medical affairs strategy for BD was quoted in the release saying that "For years, randomized control trials have been considered the gold-standard in evaluating safety and efficacy for medical devices, but experts from industry and academia who are examining the tight parameters around clinical trials are seeing added value in leveraging insights from real-world data to truly understand whether we are meeting patients' needs. We need to be leveraging real-world evidence, using datasets like those from Mayo Clinic Platform, to understand the many parameters that we wouldn't normally capture in a clinical trial and understand patients' care pathways and address the needs of diverse patients in order to establish better solutions for better outcomes and experiences."