Products and Services – October 2014

Sept. 24, 2014
Engineered for the HIX era

McKesson Health Solution’s Network Management suite combines key aspects of provider information management, network design, contracting and reimbursement to give payers a strategic platform for tackling value-based reimbursement and managing costs in a competitive, uncertain market. This suite merges McKesson Provider Manager, McKesson Reimbursement Manager and McKesson Contract Manager into a cohesive modular platform. Each solution can be deployed individually and can feed other systems, so health plans can phase implementations and orchestrate value-based reimbursement from start to finish. McKesson Health Solutions

Dual-action voice-enabled digital pen

Powered by Anoto digital writing technology, the NextPen Voice solution provides physicians a choice between written and voice input for obtaining patient information without using a personal computer or tablet. Providers can switch between voice dictation and handwriting by simply tapping the pen. Recorded audio is automatically associated with the correct patient, form and field. The pen tracks its position on a paper form and records every stroke. Dictation is automatically routed for transcription. NextGen Healthcare Information Systems

Reimagine your healthcare spaces

The enhanced V6 wall station, which earned a Nightingale award in 2012, offers seamless sit-stand functionality and more flexibility than ever before. This unit features flexible monitor arms with 20 inches of vertical adjustment to encourage patient-caregiver interactions. Its V/Flex technology components combine ViewPoint’s parts, such as the Solo arm and V6 arm option, to offer an enormous range of configuration. The ViewPoint line was designed with a calming aesthetic, allowing these products to seamlessly integrate into healthcare settings. Humanscale Healthcare