Omron reveals new health devices at CES 2016

Jan. 5, 2016

Omron Healthcare provided a sneak peek of two new devices and previewed an initiative to evolve the blood pressure category to “do more to improve heart health for millions of hypertensive individuals.” Omron executives at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas hosted a first look at its “Project Zero” Wrist and Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitors and the new OMRON Connect App – clinically-tested, highly accurate heart health tools that will be available this year and are part of a major heart health initiative that the company is rolling out in 2016.

“Blood pressure monitors must go beyond tracking numbers. Omron Healthcare is aiming at a greater mission – to help improve heart health. In addition to building on our heritage of accuracy, we are designing our new products to provide more insights, encourage behavioral change, and promote healthier lifestyle habits,” says Ranndy Kellogg, Chief Operating Officer, Omron Healthcare.

Project Zero Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron previewed the Project Zero Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor “the smallest, lightest, quietest clinically accurate blood pressure monitor ever” at CES, noting that this new device goes beyond blood pressure readings to provide physical activity and sleep data in real time.

Project Zero Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor users can discretely track real time blood pressure readings with a portable device, free of cuffs, wires or hoses. “This new device also allows users to receive detailed data that reminds users to take medication and record the time they take it to improve and track compliance,” says Kellogg. And because this monitor works seamlessly with the OMRON Connect App, information can be shared with a personal physician for more insightful care.

Project Zero Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron also previewed its Project Zero Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, which tracks hypertension levels and detects irregular heartbeats in a sleek and portable design that’s user-friendly and free of tubes and wires. This device’s Bluetooth Smart technology also allows users to sync and store readings to a smartphone or tablet with the OMRON Connect App.

Omron executives said the Project Zero Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor uses Omron’s exclusive heart health algorithm, Advanced Accuracy, to measure more data points and eliminate movements for the most precise readings. This one piece sleek monitor also gives upper arm users easier access to blood pressure readings on-the-go without inconvenient wires and hoses.

OMRON Connect Mobile App

Making strides to personalize its heart monitor experience and improve connectivity on-the-go the company also introduced its new OMRON Connect App which is designed to seamlessly work with a range of Omron Wireless Bluetooth Smart blood pressure monitors. The OMRON Connect App enables users to quickly and conveniently monitor or email their readings to family or healthcare providers anywhere, anytime.

Users can track activity, progress and personal health history at their fingertips with an intuitive dashboard that offers insights on health trends. “We designed the new OMRON Connect App to be easy-to-use, with an interface that seamlessly transfers readings to smartphones so users can monitor and manage heart data and decrease their chance of a heart attack or stroke,” says Kellogg.

The OMRON Connect App can be downloaded for free from the Apple iOS or Google Play store in late 2016.