EchoPixel expands true 3D at RSNA: EchoPixel showcases next generation surgical

Nov. 28, 2017

EchoPixel is showcasing the latest version of True 3D, the first interactive, mixed reality software solution that assists radiologists and surgeons with detailed interpretation of medical images for improved diagnoses and more precise surgical RSNA booth #8008.

EchoPixel’s True 3D will also be featured in the Virtual Reality Showcase in the RSNA Learning Center.

The software offers next generation surgical planning capabilities. The True 3D Viewer software enables physicians and surgeons to interact with medical images the way they would with physical objects in the real world. The system leverages DICOM image data to create life-size holographic versions of organs, blood vessels and other structures, allowing physicians to rotate, re-size, dissect, and make incisions to virtual patient specific anatomy. This capability enables physicians to read images faster, leading to faster diagnoses and provides enhanced pre-operative planning.

Version 1.6.2 expands supported modalities beyond CT and MR to include ultrasound with Doppler and C-Arm fluoroscopy images. The integration of blood flow, or hemodynamics data, into 3D representations provides structural and functional data, expanding the clinical utility of ultrasound.  For example, this may help better assess implantable device sizing, fibroid and uterine vascularity as well as fetal heart assessment.

By supporting C-Arm views, True 3D software can show a fluoroscopy image in 3D, as well as use other imaging datasets to create a 3D digital reconstruction radiograph (DRR), enabling clinicians to better understand the focal point, location and orientation of fluoroscopy images. Visualizing patient anatomy and overlaid fluoroscopy images in the OR and cath lab, can help clinicians determine which anatomic structures are in front of or behind the fluoro image plane, as well as better understand where the catheter is in relation to the fluoro plane and patient anatomy.

The latest version of True 3D software also features a new reporting structure specifically designed to help improve the translation of images and expand the surgical planning services radiologists provide surgeons.  Key Bookmark Scenes (KBS) files provide a graphical, anatomically meaningful 3D model that enables the surgeon to visualize complex spatial relationships of the patient’s anatomy and pathology.

The KBS file can be saved and pushed to the PACS for the surgeon to refine the surgical plan and use as a reference during the procedure. The surgeon can interact with the virtual patient’s image data, as well as create cross-sections, label key structures and take measurements. For example, the surgeon is able to use interactive tools to visualize different stages for a dissection, surgical procedure or implantable device sizing and implantation.

RSNA has the full release