Carie by EpicMD is different from any other virtual care platform

May 31, 2018

Epic Health has revealed the development of their new platform, Carie. The new mobile technology is their third-generation telehealth platform, fully elevating and continuing to improve the core doctor-patient relationship by allowing the physician to both consult remotely with their own patients, engage new patients remotely and in-office and be compensated for all.

By bringing together some of the greatest leaders in Telehealth, and working closely with their ever-growing physician and specialist network, Carie was created to prioritize convenience, access, and quality to create a digital healthcare experience unlike any other.

Though other companies have been successful in creating telehealth technology platforms over the past 10-12 years, the patient experience and financial outcome for the physician has been abysmal, with a <1% adoption rate in the past 12 years. With Carie, patients use the platform to see their physician or can choose from the network of physicians, including specialists, that also offer in-office visits local to the patient. This offers patients a full-fledged healthcare solution that goes well beyond a 5-to-10-minute primary care consultation with an unknown doctor. At the patient election, this is their own doctor or specialist, at the right time.

Carie is intended to roll out to 10,000 physicians and their patients in September 2018.

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