MEDITECH collaboration with M*Modal brings advanced speech recognition to web EHR migrations

Nov. 17, 2017

MEDITECH has teamed up with M*Modal, a provider of clinical documentation and Speech Understanding solutions, to support FHN’s Web EHR migration with advanced speech recognition software. Healthcare organizations using any MEDITECH platform can leverage M*Modal Fluency Direct as they transition to the Web EHR, without incurring additional fees from M*Modal for existing configurations.

FHN, formerly Freeport Health Network, is a healthcare system serving Illinois and Wisconsin, incorporating FHN Memorial Hospital and several physician practices encompassing over 39 specialties. A M*Modal transcription client, FHN has been using M*Modal Fluency Direct real-time speech recognition since 2013, for a speech-driven clinical documentation strategy that optimizes its MEDITECH EHR system. FHN has also been a MEDITECH client for over 25 years.

“We have seen over a 90% reduction in traditional transcription volume and cost by using M*Modal Fluency Direct in our MEDITECH environment. The collaboration between M*Modal and MEDITECH is also important to us in providing immediate value as well as meeting evolving needs.” said Michael Williams, CIO of FHN.

With this implementation, the two validated market leaders—M*Modal, rated 2017 Best in KLAS, Speech Recognition: Front-End, EMR  and MEDITECH, rated 2017 Best in KLAS for Community HIS—are enabling physicians at over 32 FHN ambulatory sites to document accurately and completely, to meet the overarching goal of delivering cost-effective, high quality care. FHN has also significantly improved the speed, ease, and quality of their clinical documentation, as well as physician satisfaction and efficiency.

Benefits of using M*Modal Fluency Direct during the transition to MEDITECH’s Web EHR include the following:

  • All customizations used in the legacy system, such as speech commands, templates, macros, etc. are also automatically carried over to the Web EHR.
  • Physicians do not have to retrain on the M*Modal system as their previously-established, cloud-based speech profiles are immediately available in the Web EHR.
  • A unique, speech-driven workflow enables physicians to dictate narrative in real-time into the patient record, edit the narrative using speech commands, and navigate fields using speech.
  • The secure cloud-based (but not cloud-dependent) M*Modal system is powered by advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning for unmatched performance.

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