Meditech Expanse Adds Integrations With Nuance,

Jan. 30, 2019
Nuance Dragon integration allows physicians to search patient charts using natural dialogue

EHR vendor Meditech has announced its Expanse solution now includes integrations with Nuance’s Dragon Medical Virtual Assistant and population health features from

Meditech said the Dragon integration would complement common clinician workflows by automating clinical and administrative tasks that will allow physicians to spend more time focused on the patient experience. The company showed a proof of concept at the 2018 Physician and CIO Forum. The workflow tasks include:

• Conversationally retrieving patient lists;

• Searching patient charts for lab results, vital signs, medications, and more using natural dialogue; and

• Queueing orders through intuitive voice-driven workflows.

Meditech, which rolled out the web-based Expanse in 2018, offered this description from its physician consultant Howard LeWine, M.D.: “When I am rounding, I regularly need to quickly access information in the chart and submit orders on the fly. By using Nuance's Virtual Assistant, I can easily ask for the chart information, such as last EKG or colonoscopy report, and order tests and medications without interrupting my interaction with the patient.”

Expanse Population Health is a population analytics database, coupled with an integrated collection of embedded clinical workflows, external data assets and standardized toolkits. It now embeds Arcadia-supplied data elements and analytical insights, such as risk scores, attribution, and gaps in care, into care management workflows. 

The solution features an embedded clinical workflow comprised of two major components: comprehensive population analytics and care management. From a single, integrated web platform, these two components work together, enabling care teams to reach across the spectrum of care to manage and understand populations in all settings. External data assets, comprised of claims and non-Meditech EHR data, are designed to enable clinicians to leverage value-based care insights related to risk, care gaps, cost, and utilization.

"We are excited to broaden our population health management functionality by working with Arcadia and integrating valuable information derived from an aggregated data asset," says Scott Godbout, Meditech’s manager of population health, in a prepared statement. "Expanse Population Health provides an opportunity to create a comprehensive, data-driven experience for those members of healthcare delivery organizations tasked with understanding trends and challenges within their patient populations."

Westwood, Mass.-based Meditech also has created a testing ground for apps that can integrate with Expanse. Called Greenfield, it allows developers to execute their application programing interfaces and test their applications against a real Meditech EHR.