PatientSafe Solutions partners with ILÚM Health Solutions to deploy infectious disease notifications in the PatientTouch platform

April 5, 2018

PatientSafe Solutions, a mobile clinical communication and workflow solutions company, announced it has partnered with ILÚM Health Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Merck’s Healthcare Services and Solutions division, to expedite delivery of infectious disease alerts to clinicians.

“Our integration will enable PatientTouch hospitals to help improve adherence to established clinical pathways for antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) and sepsis, leading to better infectious disease outcomes,” said Si Lou, president and CEO, PatientSafe Solutions.

The ILÚM technology analyzes patient data in accordance with institution-specific guidelines and highlights high-risk patients and intervention opportunities, decreasing cognitive load on the care team. Notifications from ILÚM are routed in real-time to the assigned caregiver or on-call AMS team, enabling immediate triage and rapid coordination between the care team and pharmacy for medication changes—all in one smartphone application.

“Clinicians have to handle a high volume and velocity of information to effectively manage patients with infectious diseases. They need access to real-time clinical, pharmacy and lab information in addition to synthesized results and insights about when and where to intervene,” said Dr. Brandon Palermo, ILÚM CMO.

PatientSafe Solutions has the full release