In Texas, Radiologists and Other Clinicians Keep Patient Care Moving During Natural Disasters

Oct. 12, 2017
In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in August, radiologists and other clinicians kept patient care delivery moving, despite enormous obstacles

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in August, healthcare professionals, including radiologists, went to great length to maintain the delivery of patient care services. As Susan John, M.D., chair of interventional imaging at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center, told Whitney J. Palmer of Diagnostic Imaging, “All the roads were flooded in Houston around the hospital. No one came in or out after Saturday night, and the waters didn’t recede until Monday” (August 26-28).

As Diagnostic Imaging’s Oct. 5 report noted, “Staying active during and following a hurricane is possible, she said. To do so, though, practices and departments must follow emergency protocols. In many cases, especially for radiologists affected by Harvey and Hurricane Irma, a Category 3 storm that struck south Florida in early September, these policies were the result of lessons learned from past experiences.”

The full story is available here on Diagnostic Imaging’s website.