Datavant Acquires Health Data Link

June 4, 2019
More than 40 institutions use Health Data Link's health data connectivity solution

Datavant, a San Francisco-based company that works with data owners and users to ensure that data can be connected for analytics and applications, has acquired Health Data Link, which connects academic medical centers, nonprofits and government agencies.

Health Data Link’s website says its solution enables research data collaboratives to form private data linkage networks based on their unique data governance needs. Their customers and partners use these trust networks to power comparative effectiveness health outcomes research, clinical trial recruitment, and de-identified patient locator services.

Datavant said the acquisition would strengthen its offering to health systems, research institutes, and government agencies, and offer its clients the ability to connect a variety of data types in Datavant's open ecosystem in support of innovative medical research.

More than 40 institutions use Health Data Link's health data connectivity solution, which will be integrated with Datavant's ecosystem of more than 200 institutions that have made their health data linkable.

 "Bringing health data together without compromising patient privacy is the defining health policy issue of our time. Together, we can make integrated health data a reality, which means better research, better care, and improved outcomes. We are excited about the incredible strength of the Datavant team and the path ahead," said Jacob Plummer, CEO of Health Data Link, in a statement. He will join Datavant as General Manager, Health Systems and Government. Jasmin Phua, Co-founder and Chief Data Officer of Health Data Link, will serve as Head of Health Systems and Government Solutions. Abel Kho, M.D., Co-founder of Health Data Link will serve as a strategic

Health Data Link shared some examples of how its platform is used.

In Chicago, investigators at the Chicago Area Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Network (CAPRiCORN) have used the Health Data Link solution to connect data on over 10 million patients for the development of novel community-based direct patient recruitment techniques to determine trial eligibility for clinical trials, to identify trends in health service utilization for patients with care fragmented across institutions, and to provide accurate patient cohort estimates for academic, government, and industry sponsored research.

In New Orleans, Health Data Link is used by research network REACHnet, to link data across health care institutions and payers. REACHnet provides a centralized, integrated, medical research informatics infrastructure that brings together health systems, nonprofits, universities, payers, government, and private healthcare companies.