Healthcare Commercial Intelligence Company Definitive Healthcare Buys Populi

Aug. 17, 2023
Founded in 2020, Populi delivers healthcare commercial intelligence for the provider market, with customers such as University of Pennsylvania Health System and Henry Ford Health

Definitive Healthcare, which describes itself as a healthcare commercial intelligence company, has paid $52 million for Populi, a data and analytics company that works with healthcare organizations to optimize physician relationships, reduce network leakage, and expand market share.

“Populi provides the dynamic, highly visual commercial intelligence that healthcare organizations need to grow,” said Robert Musslewhite, CEO of Definitive Healthcare, in a statement. “Our acquisition strategy is to find companies that either provide a new set of proprietary data to enhance our overall offering or provide a new capability to leverage our existing data in new use cases. Populi checks both boxes, and we’re thrilled to have them join the Definitive Healthcare team.”

Founded in 2020, Populi delivers healthcare commercial intelligence for the provider market, with health system customers such as University of Pennsylvania Health System and Henry Ford Health. Populi’s product suites include:

  • Provider Intelligence: Helps organizations assess network integrity, understand patient outmigration, and target providers.
  • Market Intelligence: Enables organizations to analyze market size and share, understand patient utilization of services, and gain competitive insights.
  • Population Intelligence: Helps organizations segment and target consumer audiences, build campaigns, match and append patient records, and implement digital activation.

“Over the last few years, we focused on building a dynamic, comprehensive solution proven to be incredibly valuable to our provider customers,” said Bill Moschella, CEO and co-founder of Populi, in a statement. “As we looked towards the next phase of our growth, Definitive Healthcare was the perfect company for us to join forces with to bring our healthcare commercial intelligence to more organizations across the care continuum. With a common vision, a similar approach towards healthcare analytics, and a shared set of cultural values, we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the Definitive Healthcare family.”

Definitive said the acquisition of Populi strengthens its Atlas Dataset with new data assets and additions to claims data, including medical and hospital records, along with consumer-level data and social determinants of health. With this new data from Populi, the company said, multiple departments across an organization can gain even deeper intelligence about their market. For example, a vice president of marketing could quickly build a patient cohort analysis to identify all knee replacement patients who recently moved long distance to Massachusetts, while a director of business development could first examine how many patients are leaving their primary service area to go to competitors, then dig deeper to identify specific physicians and individual behaviors that are driving the macro trends.

“Populi has been an important part of our growth strategy,” said Tanya Andreadis, chief marketing officer at University of Pennsylvania Health System, in a statement. “Populi’s commercial intelligence has helped us better understand and more accurately target prospective patients in support of a variety of patient acquisition programs. We’re excited to see the combined impact of Populi and Definitive Healthcare.”