Change Healthcare Partners with Adobe, Microsoft on Patient Engagement Tool

May 9, 2018
Health IT company Change Healthcare is collaborating with Adobe and Microsoft on the development of patient engagement technology, specifically with the aim of giving providers a tool for patient engagement campaigns similar to what retailers use to engage customers.

Health IT company Change Healthcare is collaborating with Adobe and Microsoft on the development of patient engagement technology, specifically with the aim of giving providers a tool for patient engagement campaigns similiar to what retailers use to engage customers.

The joint press release did not give specific details about the collaboration, but the companies stated that the partnership would “unite engagement orchestration proven to work in consumer marketing with industry-leading healthcare IT across the continuum of care.”

“This new, visionary approach to consumer engagement is needed because existing methods aren't working. An ORC International study concluded healthcare stakeholders are investing heavily in engagement strategies and technologies, but only one-fifth of consumers said their experiences improved, and another fifth said their experiences worsened. Even the most-accessed patient engagement solutions are used by just a third of consumers,” the companies stated in the press release.

The patient engagement tool will collect, aggregate, and “activate” consumer data from disparate healthcare IT sources, including electronic health records (EHRs), registration, scheduling, billing, and other mission-critical applications. The companies plan to develop the technology tool utilizing Change Healthcare’s Intelligent Healthcare Network, Adobe Experience Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, a cloud platform.

"This unique collaboration is all about helping our customers put the consumer first," Neil de Crescenzo, president and CEO of Change Healthcare, said in a statement. "Bolting transactional features onto portals can't provide the frictionless, end-to-end experience consumers want. That ideal can be met only when providers can infuse and orchestrate intelligence into touchpoints across healthcare's administrative, clinical, and financial continuum. This alliance aims to merge the finest consumer capabilities with unrivaled healthcare data, AI-enhanced workflows, and operational expertise—and that's the key to help providers keep patients connected with care and wellness solutions throughout their healthcare journey."

Providers will be able to use the solution as part of their revenue cycle and patient relationship management (PRM) initiatives to coordinate and personalize multi-channel engagement campaigns, develop and manage content, and analyze results the same way retailers activate consumers, according to the press release. The aim of the tool, the companies said, is that instead of promoting a buying experience, these technologies and related services will help provide a better healthcare experience.

"Patients today expect the same seamless, personalized experiences with healthcare providers they already know from other consumer brands," Matt Thompson, executive vice president of worldwide field operations, Adobe, said in a statement. "By collaborating with Microsoft and Change Healthcare, a pioneer in healthcare IT, we'll be able to help transform the way healthcare organizations engage with patients across all channels, from follow-up care coordination and caregiver personalization to cost transparency."

In a statement included in the press release, John R. Kaiser, M.D., OB/GYN, president of Saltzer Medical Group, said providers are in need of an enhanced patient engagement solution. “As a multi-specialty clinic with urgent care, we are on the forefront of consumer trends in healthcare. Our patients want the digital tools to simplify and improve their healthcare experience, so it is critical that we bring them the best experience—connecting and simplifying each step in their healthcare journey to improve their lives. Helping them better understand what they need to know and do, and making it easier, can only lead to great outcomes for our practice. We're excited to work with Change Healthcare to deliver amazing patient experiences,” Dr. Kaiser said.