Flo 2700 Medication Workstation

Feb. 1, 2007
The Flo 2700 Medication Workstation from Flo Healthcare Solutions expands on the company’s 2000 series of medication workstations. The wireless workstation is configurable and features integrated 17-inch or 19-inch LCD monitors that tilt and rotate, various options of onboard computing from major providers like Dell, HP, IBM, Neoware, Panasonic and Wyse, as well as NiMH or SLA battery options with up to 15 hours of operation. A small footprint allows versatile point-of-care in limited space situations, while a highly configurable storage system with customizable locking options provides safe, secure and efficient storage and dispensing capabilities in a highly mobile lightweight system. Real-time patient information access is standard with a variety of optional external accessories, such as bar-code scanners, which increase versatility while reducing data collection, review and administrative errors.

Flo Healthcare Solutions, Norcross, Ga.