December Features

Nov. 21, 2009

Cover Story

Organized Security
To address compliance and IT security, Piedmont Healthcare chose to establish baseline metrics for IT security risk.

Emergency Department Information Systems

Keep Patients on Track in the ED
Electronic health-record implementation provides dramatic productivity improvements, $600,000 in annual savings, and a return on investment of slightly more than two years.

Wireless/Mobile Computing

Telehealth Network Connects Rural Nebraska
Wireless mobile-computing workstations are instrumental in bringing three dialysis facilities together for videoconferencing.

Wireless/Mobile Computing

The Future of Patient Monitoring
Hospitals are rapidly adopting wireless technologies that have the potential to change the way doctors, nurses and healthcare institutions operate.

Health Information Exchange

Wisconsin HIE Optimizes Community Care
Communication among ED clinicians and federally qualified health centers in the Milwaukee area was improved, including real-time access to patient historical-encounter data.

Health Information Exchange

The Bottom-up Approach to HIEs
Bypassing third-party governance allows Spectrum Health to meet physician-practice needs across three hospital systems.


New e-News Focus
By Ken Anderberg, Publisher/Editorial Director

Thought Leaders

IT Leaders: Prepare for Personalized Medicine
by Paul Murphy and Marcia A. Kean

Pioneers in Healthcare IT

Prospective Payment and the New Perspective
by John Whitehead

Another View

Healthcare Reform – The Impact on IT
By Robert Blades