Richmond, VA Health System Creates Online Patient Portal

Dec. 1, 2009

Fort Wayne, Ind. – November 30, 2009 – Bon Secours Health System in Richmond, VA is offering a branded version of the personal health record (PHR) as part of its “mybonsecours” online patient portal. The portal enables patients to find a physician, search for online health content, check symptoms and perform financial transactions. 

At the heart of the portal is the mybonsecours PHR created by NoMoreClipboard.  This PHR is branded to Bon Secours and retains the same look and feel as the rest of the mybonsecours site.

“Our goal was to create a comprehensive portal that connected our patients with the good people, good advice and good information that are commonly associated with our hospital,” said Ryan Ehrensberger, PhD and administrative director at Bon Secours Richmond Health System.  “It was important that our PHR matched the Bon Secours identity and was conducive to the way we practiced medicine.” 

From the mybonsecours PHR, patients can create a PHR, quickly find a Bon Secours physician and send their PHR to that physician in advance of a medical visit.  The PHR completes and delivers the exact registration forms used by Bon Secours practices, so that patients can avoid filling out a clipboard full of medical questions when they arrive for an appointment. 

“After careful consideration, we selected NoMoreClipboard based on their interoperability capabilities, their willingness to brand their solution to match the Bon Secours brand, and their ability to deliver patient supplied data in a format that integrates into existing and anticipated physician workflows,” said Michael Matthews, CEO of MedVirginia.

MedVirginia is one of the nation’s top 10 health information exchanges (HIEs) and was charged with helping Bon Secours find the right PHR vendor for this project.  As part of its charter, MedVirginia and subsidiary CenVaNet provide IT support to the Bon Secours Health System.  “NoMoreClipboard has proven to be a valuable partner – they are responsive, flexible and able to configure their solutions to meet our unique requirements,” concluded Matthews.

“NoMoreClipboard has created branded patient portals for a number of health systems,” added Jeff Donnell, NoMoreClipboard chief marketing officer. “Our strength lies in our clinical information expertise and our ability to deliver patient data electronically or on paper, streamlining communication between patients and the medical professionals they rely on for care.”

The mybonsecours PHR will also be integrated with Bon Secours practice management systems, electronic medical record systems and the MedVirginia health information exchange. The mybonsecours PHR is currently deployed in Richmond and Hampton Roads.