PACS for iPhone, Mac and Windows 7

Jan. 12, 2010

CoActiv’s EXAM-PACS platform is compatible with the Apple iPhone, Windows 7, Mac OS X with the current OsiriX DICOM viewer, and the new OsiriX viewer, with FDA clearance. With EXAM-PACS’ server-level integration, no special software is required, other than the OsiriX viewer running on the phone. iPhone users connect via Wi-Fi to the CoActiv EXAM-PACS server and can search for exams by patient name, accession number or modality. Exams download to their device securely using DICOM Query/Retrieve. EXAM-PACS PC and Mac users also can instantly push exams to a registered user’s iPhone. Once displayed, images can be analyzed on the touch screen using a full range of traditional PACS tools. All image manipulations and annotations can be saved locally on the device.