Portico Systems announces partnership with SDI

Feb. 18, 2010

PHILADELPHIA, PA. (February 17, 2010) — Portico Systems, the leader in Integrated Provider Management (IPM) solutions, and SDI, a leader in healthcare informatics, are announcing a new partnership. This partnership will integrate Portico’s provider management platform with SDI’s extensive provider data and managed care analytics to enable health plans to intelligently target providers for recruitment, enhance provider performance management programs, and increase decision support to members via enhanced provider profiles.

This partnership utilizes the expertise of both organizations. Portico has an exclusive focus on provider management for health plans, which enables health plans to design, build, manage, and reimburse provider networks. SDI has assembled the nation’s largest and most extensive longitudinal patient and provider database.

Through integration, Portico will be able to augment their clients’ provider information with SDI’s provider information and profiles to enhance provider records within the Portico platform. This will enable health plans to better understand a provider’s field activities, such as clinical efficiency score; generic vs. brand-name prescribing; referral patterns; test usage; and current hospital, practice, and health plan affiliations. This information will streamline provider recruitment, provide more accurate information for provider incentive programs, and enhance a member’s healthcare experience through a better understanding of the provider and the quality of the services provided.
“We are very excited about our new partnership with SDI,” said Nanci Ziegler, Executive Vice President, Market Strategy and Business Development, Portico Systems. “This partnership takes the information our health plan clients need and makes it available during the relevant times of a provider’s life cycle at a health plan. While much of the healthcare market is still focused on gathering information, our partnership focuses on taking the available information and making it actionable, leading to the benefits we all desire: higher-quality healthcare at a lower cost.”

“We are looking forward to working with Portico Systems,” said Adam Dublin, Chief Strategy Officer, SDI. “The synergy between our two organizations is apparent. SDI’s extensive provider information and analytics, coupled with Portico’s provider management platform, offers health plans an unparalleled provider network development and optimization solution that streamlines operations and reduces cost.”