South Jersey Healthcare selects PCTS Amelior Tracker

Feb. 24, 2010

Charlotte, NC (February 23, 2010) – Patient Care Technology Systems (PCTS), a subsidiary of Consulier Engineering, Inc. (Nasdaq: CSLR), today announced that South Jersey Healthcare (SJH) Regional Medical Center has selected the company’s Amelior Tracker® system to automatically track and effectively manage physician location and communication inside and outside the hospital. 

South Jersey Healthcare Regional Medical Center is a 262-bed facility in Vineland, New Jersey. The integrated medical campus is part of the South Jersey Healthcare network and is uniquely designed to complement and enhance the delivery of responsive, efficient care.

The installation, expected to be complete by Spring 2010 will include the Amelior Tracker® solution – part of the Amelior Enterprise Visibility Suite™ which comprises department to facility-wide software solutions and services designed to more efficiently and safely orchestrate patient care through the real-time visualization of patient flow. Hospitals can scale their implementations by the entities they wish to track (movable medical equipment, patients, staff), purpose (asset management, patient flow, infection control) and by the scope of hospital workflow (acute care, inpatient floors, outpatient services, enterprise-wide).

The web-based Amelior tracking software visualizes workflow by automatically identifying the location of people and equipment and the care progression of patients. Location information is generated by integrating with the proper choice of RTLS to assure desired customer outcomes. The PCTS software is compatible across all locating technologies and the company assists clients in selecting the optimal RTLS for their workflow needs. Workflow algorithms within the software interpret the meaning of location, movement and interactions between patients, staff and equipment to alert caregivers to patient care milestones as they occur. Additional interfaces to hospital and department information systems and communication devices create a centralized workflow communication and management portal that eliminates the need for manual updates and delays caused by a lack of information.

At SJH Regional Medical Center, PCTS will integrate the certainty-based RTLS and Staff Badge from business partner CenTrak, Inc., with whom PCTS announced a strategic marketing agreement in 2009. CenTrak’s Staff Badge is ultra-thin and lightweight and can fit behind a standard personnel badge.   The badges use Gen2IR™ and active RF technology and can be customized to support a range of integrated tracking sensors.

“After a comprehensive review of the RTLS marketplace, we chose Patient Care Technology Systems and CenTrak, Inc. because of their proven experience in implementing scalable, innovative workflow-intelligent solutions that can meet our unique demands and future needs,” said Tom Pacek, Vice President and Chief Information Officer for South Jersey Healthcare. “Their ability to integrate the right locating technology, and automatically track the real-time location of our physicians without them having to touch a button or screen, made PCTS and CenTrak the only choice for us.” 

Currently, overhead paging is used extensively throughout the hospital which adds more stress to the environment for patients and staff.  SJH Regional Medical Center had a request for a unique integration with an existing direct communication program from the Parlance Corporation.  This software incorporates speech-enabled call routing and message notification services directly to the physician – whether they are in the hospital, in their office, or via their mobile telephones.