Lee Memorial Health System Goes with In-building Wireless

Feb. 25, 2010

MANCHESTER, NH – February 24, 2010 – Taking patient care to new levels, Cellular Specialties, Inc. (CSI) today announced that Florida’s Lee Memorial Health System has chosen CSI products and solutions to ensure reliable, in-building wireless service throughout two facilities.  CSI is the market’s recognized leader in the design and implementation of in-building wireless solutions, and was chosen by Lee Memorial after extensive collaborations with wireless carriers Sprint, AT&T and CenturyLink (formerly Embarq).  

Since 1916, Lee Memorial Health System has been one of Florida’s award-winning healthcare systems delivering services to thousands of patients each year.  Its 270-bed Health Park Medical Center facility is the primary location for Lee’s Heart and Vascular Institute which employs more than 1,000 physicians on its medical staff and 1,000 volunteers.  With a completed 122-bed expansion, the addition of four floors to the facility, and urgent patient care on the line – wireless coverage inside the hospital was critical.

In addition, the System’s new Gulf Coast Medical Center has more than 300 beds with both emergency and trauma centers which shares an equally critical need for wireless coverage.

In-building coverage in the hospital came to the forefront when physicians realized that using their cell phones as their primary communication system required reliable connectivity throughout the hospital facilities.  

“At Lee Memorial, we’re in the business of saving lives.  Our trauma center is considered one of the finest in the country.  Our doctors and workers simply cannot do their jobs at such a high level without access to reliable wireless coverage throughout our facility,” said Bob Votta, director of network technology services, Lee Memorial.

The design and install of in-building wireless presented unique challenges in the hospital environment, including:  having to worry about infection control, working in tight corners using caution tape, and even needing to use sterile gear in some instances.