Massachusetts REC selects GE as preferred vendor

Sept. 16, 2010

Boston – Sep 15, 2010 – Shortly after being selected as the official Regional Extension Center (REC) for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts eHealth Institute (MeHI) has awarded “preferred vendor status” to GE Healthcare.  The status, which applies to the company’s Centricity Practice Solution and Centricity Advance electronic medical record (EMR) products, means GE will be receive priority listing with the Commonwealth providers expected to seek buying advice from the REC.

The REC will recruit and enroll providers into the REC program and provide or arrange a base set of services for them including orientation education, the List of Preferred EHR Vendors and EHR solutions and a list of implementation optimization organizations (IOO) which have been certified through a separate process. Through the REC-Affiliated Provider’s own research and experience, and with assistance from the REC, the REC-Affiliated Provider will, at its sole discretion, choose a Certified IOO and may choose an EHR Vendor from the list.