MedApps and MedMinder partner to expand medication compliance

Jan. 11, 2012

Scottsdale, AZ- Jan 9, 2012 – MedApps, Inc., a leading mHealth (mobile telehealth) innovator announces its alliance with MedMinder to bring connected, remote medication management to MedApps’ product and service offerings of flexible ScalableCare services.

“Our partnering with MedMinder is very synergistic and our products compliment each other extremely well”, says Kent Dicks, Founder and CEO of MedApps. “The challenge with any prescribed therapy for patient care is compliance – whether that’s a patient taking their blood pressure or glucose readings on a daily basis, or taking their medication when they’re supposed to – and if it doesn’t get done, the caregivers’ efforts to manage patient conditions are ineffective.”

Dicks continues, “Our clients’ satisfaction has validated the fact that we’ve gone a long way in helping doctors and nurses gather the accurate and timely biometric data they need to more effectively mange patient health – and we think that MedMinder provides an equally valuable solution for the medication management side of things.”

Like MedApps, MedMinder provides products designed to keep patients connected to their care providers with a focus on ease of use to ensure a high degree of adoptability from the patient. MedMinder offers a unique solution to medication compliance through its “smart cellular pillbox”: Maya. On the surface, Maya appears to be an ordinary daily pill organizer, but it’s fully loaded with innovative features that effectively, yet simply enable medication management.

MedMinder pill dispenser can track patients’ dosage activity and deliver optional medication reminders or alerts to the user if medication is not taken within an assigned timeframe or if an incorrect medication compartment is inadvertently accessed. Additional options allow the patient’s family and care providers to be contacted if necessary to offer a more cohesive support system. MedMinder keeps records of patient medication activities and can provide access to reports for the user, their family and their caregivers via the Internet, email and text notification.

Combining MedMinders’ capabilities with MedApps’ supply of consistent, near-real time biometric data will deliver the most robust coordinated solution for medication management on the market.  Clinicians will have the ability to ascertain the effects of a given medication for an individual patient more rapidly – making adjustments and / or intervening when necessary.

“We are very excited about partnering with MedApps and integrating into their remote health monitoring platform – they are a true innovator in the field, said MedMinder Founder and CEO Eran Shavelsky.  “The companies’ philosophies of providing simple to use, transparent technology is a perfect fit. Our solutions’ ability to cost-effectively improve medication adherence and deliver a consistent supply of clinical and behavioral data will be unparalleled in medication management.”

This latest product offering is another illustration of the dynamic and scalable integration that is made possible by the MedApps CloudCare™ platform. MedApps has built a unique infrastructure for health information delivery that allows a variety of OEM devices to be integrated into a remote monitoring program very quickly with a minimum of coordination time.  CloudCare delivers the first true “Plug & Play” platform in the telehealth field.

About MedMinder

MedMinder provides technologies to enable seniors, the chronically ill, and those with disabilities to maintain their independence and avoid long-term care facilities and hospitalization. MedMinder medication management system includes a cellular pill dispenser that records user activity then reports to the MedMinder back end system. Accordingly, MedMinder provides reminders to the users to take their pills on time and informs families and care managers if dosages are missed. MedMinder technology is proven to simplify medication management and improve medication adherence. For more information, visit

About MedApps

MedApps provides innovative technology solutions for the collection, transmission and remote management of patient health data. MedApps utilizes wireless and machine-to-machine technologies, hardware, software, and cloud computing to efficiently connect patients with their care providers and electronic health records. MedApps is an acknowledged innovator in the field of remote health monitoring, most recently recognized with a 2011 Edison Award in the product category of Health, Wellness & Safety. MedApps is a member of Continua, an industry consortium setting Medical Device Interoperability Standards worldwide. For more information, please visit