Visiun’s cloud-based laboratory analytics now features test utilization

Jan. 8, 2016

Visiun announced the addition of test utilization to the cloud-based version of its leading laboratory analytics system, Performance Insight.

Visiun’s test utilization system identifies key opportunities for laboratories to reduce unnecessary testing from several hundred thousand to over a million dollars per year for inpatient testing alone (figures conservatively based on incremental costs only).  Now accessible through Performance Insight in the Cloud, laboratory managers and supervisors have simplified mobile-access to their test utilization metrics. Performance Insight in the Cloud enables laboratory managers to access their data from anywhere including on their tablets and smartphones.  With no servers or software to install and manage, this mobile-friendly option eliminates the need for dedicated IT resources, and all software updates are available immediately.  Laboratory data is securely hosted, adhering to stringent protocols such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, RedRAMP, SOC1, and SOC2 standards.  This cloud version also provides laboratories with the ability to retain and analyze years of data.

Denis Burke, Visiun’s Chief Technology Officer, states, “Test utilization is a win-win: laboratories generally see better patient outcomes as well as improved financials.  Yet our analysis shows every one of the dozens of labs evaluated still has a huge opportunity in this area, which is why the implementation of an effective program to improve test utilization is of utmost importance.  Performance Insight in the Cloud now offers laboratory managers with a new level of agility on how they store and manage this test utilization data.”

Visiun also continues to provide its local version of Performance Insight where data never leaves the user’s network.  Both local and cloud deployment models of Performance Insight offer the same industry-leading reporting, and depth of analytics.