InterMetro sells healthcare tech business to TouchPoint

June 2, 2016

InterMetro Industries Corporation (Metro), an Ali Group company, announced that it has sold its Healthcare Technology business to TouchPoint, effective June 1. The Metro Healthcare Technology products include AccessPoint and Flo computer carts, AccessPoint Rx MD mobile medical dispensing carts, the AccessCenter and MedDispense automated dispensing machines and the MetroMount wall mounting systems.

With this acquisition, TouchPoint has formed TouchPoint Medical, a new business platform incorporating these newly acquired assets and its existing successful Medical Technology businesses.

TouchPoint Medical is a leading global provider of innovative and intelligent hardware and software solutions that enable the safe, efficient and effective delivery of outstanding patient care. In addition to the newly acquired Healthcare Technology business from Metro, TouchPoint Medical includes ITD, a global leader in stationary and mobile carrier systems for medical technology, as well as Vanas Medical Storage Solutions and Mediwell Systems Ltd., European leaders in medical vending and dispensing solutions.

This acquisition will expand TouchPoint Medical’s product offerings to include mobile computing workstations and automated dispensing equipment used at the point of care in a variety of healthcare settings including hospitals, long term and acute care, senior and assisted living, rehabilitation centers and other medical facilities with an in-house pharmacy. These workstations can equip caregivers with patient information and, in some versions, medication at the bedside. The ability to provide bedside care improves patient safety and overall experience while also increasing workplace efficiency and accuracy by reducing the amount of patient transport required.

“We are excited for this opportunity as it allows Metro to focus on our core business growth while it allows TouchPoint Medical to continue the strategic expansion of their healthcare business”, said John Nackley, President & CEO of InterMetro. Nackley further stated “this also ensures that we are strategically aligned with our parent company, the Ali Group, and allows for the significant growth of our core categories and markets”. Brian McNeill, President and CEO of TouchPoint said “The creation of TouchPoint Medical brings together an outstanding team of resources throughout the world with the passion to dramatically improve the environment and experience for both healthcare professionals and their patients.  Looking forward, we will seek to align and leverage our resources to deliver greater value for our global medical customers, while tangibly enhancing the quality of care that healthcare professionals provide to their patients.”