TigerText and Honeywell collaborate to enhance patient experience

June 3, 2016

TigerText is working with Honeywell to customize the TigerText app to take full advantage of the features of Honeywell’s new Dolphin CT50h smartphone. The customized app includes a secure, encrypted bot technology designed to enable care providers to scan a patient’s barcode and retrieve critical, up-to-date information about the patient’s medications, care team and recent procedures directly from their electronic medical record (EMR).

“We’re excited to work with Honeywell to bring the rapidly expanding number of connected clinicians an innovative bot-driven solution for quickly accessing EMR data from a patient’s bedside,” said Brad Brooks, TigerText co-founder and CEO. “With rising healthcare costs it is essential that providers find ways to lower overhead and drive efficiencies. Messenger bots offer an exciting new avenue for automating tasks, accessing organizational data in real time, increasing patient satisfaction, and improving the bottom line.”

TigerText’s application utilizes the Dolphin CT50h’s next-generation scanner to verify a patient’s identity and the integrated bot technology to pull information directly from the EMR system. The solution provides an efficient and secure tool for sending and receiving protected health information (PHI) as well as other important data necessary for making critical care decisions.

“As text messaging becomes more commonplace in healthcare, nurses need a quick and reliable method to communicate with hospital staff in order to provide their patients with quality care,” said Kirk Heyde, vice president, Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions. “By combining Honeywell’s Dolphin CT50h clinical smartphone with TigerText’s secure messaging platform, nurses become ‘connected clinicians’ to communicate more effectively with care teams from any location within the hospital using a single device.”

By layering bot technology over the TigerText encrypted messaging platform, healthcare organizations of all types can automate a wide range of order-related requests in a manner that complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and stringent Joint Commission criteria. The TigerText application can be downloaded directly onto the Honeywell Dolphin CT50h from the Google Play Store.