HealthTrio integrates McKesson InterQual Connect into Smart Connect portal

June 16, 2016

InterQual Connect is now being integrated into HealthTrio’s Smart Connect portal solution, McKesson announced today. HealthTrio is the first portal partner to bring InterQual Connect’s cloud-based automated medical review and authorization capabilities to its payer-provider network.

Now health plans and ACOs that use Smart Connect can give their providers expanded automated authorization that supports requests requiring a medical review, without ever leaving the Smart Connect portal. They can receive the InterQual® medical review along with the authorization request from network providers and, in most cases, automatically return the authorization determination without manual work. By eliminating duplicative reviews and manual intervention, health plans can lower administrative costs and speed authorizations while helping ensure appropriate care.

“We’re thrilled to welcome HealthTrio as our first portal partner to integrate InterQual Connect,” said Nilo Mehrabian, vice president of product management, Decision Management, at McKesson Health Solutions. “Bringing InterQual Connect and Smart Connect together streamlines utilization management, so providers can spend more time focusing on what really matters: delivering quality care. With InterQual Connect’s exception-based UM model, most authorization requests are automatically processed right away, without any involvement from health plan staff. Helping deliver better care faster is what our partnership with HealthTrio is all about.”

InterQual Connect is part of the InterQual product line, McKesson’s flagship decision support solution. InterQual Criteria help payers and providers help ensure appropriate care across the medical and behavioral health continuums of care, which helps improve quality and reduce unnecessary cost. The InterQual clinical development team synthesizes current, best evidence into a fully referenced decision support tool that is reviewed and updated annually. InterQual’s development process, honed over nearly 40 years, is founded on rigorous review of the literature, and includes extensive peer review by practicing clinical experts across the United States.

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