CHIME recognizes Philips for building partnerships across the industry

Nov. 4, 2016

As healthcare shifts to a value-driven environment, providers and their technology partners must move beyond the classic customer-vendor relationship. It is imperative that they forge collaborative partnerships that advance innovation and lead to improvements in patient care. Philips, the leading health technology company, has long at the forefront of this movement and was honored today with the inaugural CHIME Foundation Partner Award. Sara Coulter, vice president of industry relations and clinical innovation with Philips, accepted the award at the CHIME16 Fall CIO Forum.

“Philips has shown incredible support for health IT leaders over the years,” said Charles Christian, FCHIME, LCHIME, CHCIO, vice president of technology and engagement, Indiana Health Information Exchange, and chair of the CHIME Foundation board of directors. “Thanks to Sara’s involvement in CHIME and the CHIME Foundation, Philips has promoted an environment of collaboration. She knows that providers and technology firms must work together to solve the immense challenges facing health IT leaders today.”

Through its involvement in the CHIME Foundation, Philips has supported a number of CHIME’s education and professional development programs, including the CIO forums and scholarship programs. Coulter has been at the forefront of building those bonds. She served on the CHIME board of trustees and worked on such critical programs as CHIME’s international strategy and communications and marketing.

“The demands and requirements across both vendors and healthcare provider organizations have never been greater,” Coulter said. “There is a transformation occurring in healthcare around how to deliver higher quality care at an affordable cost in a smarter way. It’s important for us to learn from the CHIME members and for Philips to share with CHIME members what we have learned from working with healthcare organizations around the world. The creation of opportunities to collaborate on industry issues and share best practices and learn from each other is a highly valuable return on investment for Philips.”

To learn more about the CHIME Foundation Partner Award, click here.