Blog Posts

April 4, 2017

Healthcare Informatics will ghost write one or more blog posts on a topic specified by you. The content will highlight your expertise on a specific trend, issue, technology, or technique.

Blog Posts Include:

  • 400 word blog post crafted by the Healthcare Informatics team
  • The blog post will be professionally designed, edited and search engine-optimized based on the guidelines and keywords you specify
  • The blog post will include links to other content on your website and/or on the Healthcare Informatics website
  • The blog post can be used on your website, as part of a LinkedIn discussion or post, or featured on theHealthcare Informatics website with special recognition as “promoted content”.

Blog Post Benefits:

  • Generate traffic to your website
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Promote your organization’s thought leadership
  • Benefit from the complete turnkey program
  • Own the created content and use without restriction
  • Benefit from expert Search Engine Optimization
  • Utilize in your online content marketing program
  • Build your content library
  • Align with an established brand