Research Groups

Sept. 29, 2016

There are numerous areas in which a new model that relies on a "community of communities" and a network for information-sharing can eliminate the deficiencies and inefficiencies of our current health care enterprise.

Healthcare Informatics research projects are a beginning point for greater stakeholder collaboration to achieve a learning health care system to improve patient outcomes and accelerate research through the effective application of technology.

Healthcare Informatics provides programs that drive innovation, educate, and provide a critical understanding of how technology applications, solutions and devices can improve the quality, safety and efficiency of health care.

Research groups are charged with providing strategic guidance and tactical support for topic specific areas related to technology and the role it plays in our health care system. Each group exists to articulate an innovative voice for the range of technological advancements that continue to impact the health care community. By providing domain expertise, leadership and guidance each project provides cutting edge research, recommendations, guidelines, best practices and new approaches to effectively leverage technology throughout the continuum of care. Project members are recognized as industry leaders in their functional area who are passionate about making a meaningful contribution to our health care system. Research findings and recommendations serve as an invaluable tool for industry professionals and their organizations to capture unrealized benefits that health care technologies & solutions can provide at every level of care.

Current areas of focus include:

  • Health information exchange
  • Electronic health records
  • Privacy & Security
  • Personal health records
  • Telemedicine & remote patient monitoring
  • Population Health Management
  • Technology adoption & implementation
  • Venture investment & innovation
  • Accountable Care Organization
  • Big Data in Health Care
  • Health Care Process Improvement

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