When do you think healthcare remote sensors / monitors will start to take off? 10/15/2014

Sept. 30, 2015

They are taking off right now. Apple, Google, Samsung – major tech companies are putting their hat in the wearables game, tracking health data through remote sensors and devices. Apple is reportedly working with a number of major health IT vendors—Epic, Cerner, Allscripts—and major healthcare provider organizations—Stamford, Duke University medical centers, Cleveland Clinic—to integrate patient data collected in its HealthKit app with their clinical systems and electronic medical records.

The emergence of these consumer tech giants comes at a time when the remote sensor and monitoring market has already made a ton of headway in the consumer space. Companies like Fitbit and Jawbone have firmly established themselves in this space. As these different silos of sensor-generated data get integrated (and make no mistake about it, they will be integrated…for the sake of consumers), the demand for these devices will only grow.

All told, it’s no wonder that New York City-based research firm, ABI Research recently projected that approximately 100 million wearable devices will ship over the next five years. This was a niche that has become a fad that is becoming mainstream.