Products: Mobility Solutions

Jan. 20, 2016
Exercise your power options

The Elora Modular Battery System is designed to dramatically transform battery management for any portable point-of-care technology, including mobile workstations, vital signs monitors, and EKG monitors. The system includes the Elora 240 high-capacity, 240 Watt-hour (Wh) lithium-ion battery with four-hour charge time, the wall-mounted Elora “Smart” Charger with built-in infection-control UV LED technology, the Elora Battery Interface for easy device integration, and the on-cart fuel gauge called the Elora Battery Pain Scale. Together, it’s a whole new way to think about battery systems. Anton/Bauer

Light and easy on nurses and IT

Designed specifically to carry a wide array of laptops and tablets, the SV10 series of StyleView Medical Carts is the line’s lightest cart yet. Weighing just over 30 pounds, this cart has a patented lift engine that offers caregivers 15 inches of vertical travel for both seated and standing use. Its integrated handbrake secures the platform height to provide an ultra-stable work surface that is smooth and easy to clean. The t-slot channel interface on the cart’s column allows for integration of accessories to customize a solution that’s right for a variety of applications for both nurses and technicians. Add-on power systems can be used to help power a tablet or laptop throughout a shift. One cart, the StyleView S-Tablet Cart SV10, was developed exclusively for Microsoft Surface and is compatible with all Surface devices. Ergotron

Get keyless access and auto-relock

The Non-Powered VX10 Workstation is a lightweight, versatile, and highly maneuverable computing workstation with a fully configurable storage area featuring keyless access and auto-relocking for optimal security. Choose from a wide selection of accessories to further streamline clinical workflow and health IT efficiency at the point of care. This solution is perfect for laptops, all-in-ones, and other computing hardware with integrated power systems. Simple ergonomic adjustment of the monitor, work surface, and keyboard permits comfortable use for clinicians in standing or sitting positions. This cart also features storage flexibility and can be configured with drawers, including 3- and 6-inch depths for supplies, treatments, and instruments. Capsa Solutions

Act on mobile operational intelligence
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MobileView Analytics, the visual business intelligence platform for the AeroScout Real-Time Location System (RTLS) solutions, is in use at hospitals across the United States, supporting measurable improvements in key areas that include HCAHPS scores, room utilization, asset management, staff efficiency, and regulatory compliance. New, out-of-the-box dashboards and additional supported solutions for this tool, which is powered by Tableau, include: Clinic Patient Experience and Room Utilization Analytics, Asset Management Visibility Center, Asset Management Workflow Optimization, Environmental Monitoring Visibility Center, and Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring Analytics. STANLEY Healthcare

No. 1 entry-level workstation updated

The HP Z240 Tower and Z240 SFF Workstation (pictured) feature next-generation Intel processors and HP Z Turbo Drive options, raising the bar for entry-level workstations. The Z240 is the latest update to the world’s No. 1-ranked entry-level workstation, the HP Z230. As HP’s most affordable workstation, the Z240 is particularly good for customers in the image-viewing industries. The HP Z240 offers more performance, greater storage capacity, more IO, and greater flexibility. At 57 percent smaller than the tower, the HP Z240 SFF conserves space and maintains workstation performance. New innovations include: an integrated M.2 slot, optional dust filters, integrated front and rear handle ledges, integrated ambient temperature sensors, more efficient airflow, enhanced acoustics, and a cleaner layout of internal cables. HP

Keep your info agile and accessible

OneContent delivers enterprise-wide data in a single, centralized system designed for efficient hospital workflow, regardless of the EHR system or document management products in place. Built with open API integration and HTML5 functionality, OneContent enables information agility across the enterprise. For current McKesson customers, OneContent consolidates McKesson Patient Folder and Enterprise Content Manager to achieve a consistent, stable, cost-effective content strategy. For document management, this solution streamlines the process of content storage, transmittal, and integration for smoother access and improved ROI, driving value across the enterprise. McKesson