CyncHealth HIE Partners With HealthEC to Promote Whole-Person Care

Feb. 8, 2022
Nebraska-based HIE to integrate healthcare payer, provider, and information exchange data with clinical EHR data using HealthEC’s population health platform portal

CyncHealth, a health information exchange sharing clinical and administrative data among providers in Nebraska and neighboring states, has partnered with HealthEC, a population health management company.

The organizations said the partnership would allow CyncHealth to integrate healthcare payer, provider, and information exchange data with clinical EHR data using the HealthEC population health platform portal. Using HealthEC’s eConnectors, Universal Data Warehouse, and 3D Analytics, technology and services, the portal will assist providers in identifying high-risk patients who can benefit from greater connectivity to the care they need.

“The expertise provided by HealthEC has already proved to be an invaluable asset for CyncHealth,” said Jaime Bland, president and CEO of CyncHealth, in a statement. “It’s exciting to have a set of strategic methods and real-world tools to overcome the challenges that providers, payers, and others in our state experience every day. I believe that HealthEC’s near real-time data analytics and risk stratification capabilities will help us greatly improve lives for the up to 2 million residents that walk through our doors.”

Besides assisting in managing provider collaboration to improve health of populations, and reduce per capita cost of care, the partnership will also provide CyncHealth access to HealthEC’s quality care features, including a patient portal for high-risk populations to encourage individual engagement, intuitive benchmarked dashboards for the health department and its provider community, and analytics to drive better care coordination across the continuum.

CyncHealth began in 2008 as a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to enable providers in the State of Nebraska to exchange healthcare data. More than a decade later, CyncHealth now serves more than 1,100 facilities and connects over 5 million lives across the Midwest.