Health Wizz unveils enhanced mobile platform to help people organize personal health records

July 19, 2018

Health Wizz unveiled enhancements to its free mobile application. Originally released in 2017 and available on Apple’s App Store and Android’s Play Store, the Health Wizz mobile platform allows people to aggregate, organize, share, donate, or trade their medical records. The app will be piloted at Cape Fear Valley Hospital in the next few months.

Many people are not aware that their most important asset—medical data—is scattered all over. Shreds of it reside in multiple medical institutions and in the hands of many people. Physicians, hospitals, and medical labs all have traces of our health records. It is our most valuable data, yet essentially nobody in the U.S. has access to their longitudinal, birth-to-now, medical record. Limited interoperability between medical organizations, data hacking, ransomware attacks, bureaucratic bottlenecks, and data brokers who sell our data without our knowledge or consent—the list of issues with current medical health record keeping is long.

The Health Wizz platform allows people to reclaim the rightful ownership of their personal health information. It enables people to download, aggregate, and standardize all their health records on their mobile phone. Even more, people are now able to share their medical data with multiple parties, including research organizations and pharmaceutical companies that are conducting clinical trials, all while ensuring data integrity and protecting patient’s privacy. Most importantly, unlike with other record keeping systems, it is the people who manage what, where, when and who has permission to access their data.

Health Wizz mobile platform features and enhancements:

  • The “digital file cabinet” for medical records feature includes easy to use navigation and search capabilities for users to collect, file, and tag their medical records on their mobile device.
  • The social connectivity feature of this version of the app ushers in a new era of digital health where users create and become part of their ‘social health network.’
  • Combining the social aspects of health with the ability for users to create their own health-related challenges and campaigns provides powerful incentives to be and to stay healthy. For example, users can chip in a participation fee in the form of OmPoints to a “Challenge Purse” and compete to win OmPoints from the purse.
  • The digital wallet connectivity with the blockchain enables users to bundle and share their health records in a secure and seamless way while earning OmPoints.
  • Institutions, such as Hospitals and Pharmaceutical companies, can fund health-related campaigns or research, create cohorts and invite them to participate. They can reward participants with OmPoints for taking part in clinical trials or for adopting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Users will be able to redeem OmPoints they have accumulated over time for Amazon Gift Codes or other gift cards which they can use for purchases.

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