2018 MEDICA App Competition winners selected

Nov. 15, 2018

The 7th annual MEDICA App Competition took place at MEDICA on Wednesday, Nov. 14. As part of the MEDICA Connected Healthcare Forum, this event has become very popular. Talented programmers and innovators from around the world submit their Mobile solutions for healthcare problems.

This year’s 10 finalists presented their solutions to the judges live. They included solutions:

  • Buddycare, an app to keep patients compliant for their care plan—pre surgery and afterwards;
  • D-Eye, a retinal imaging system app to predict vision loss and glaucoma;
  • FibriCheck, an app that detects cardio arrythyias and aFib identification in an effort to prevent strokes;
  • MyFreescan, a cardio health management app that measures Arterial age using AI technology;
  • medicospeaker, a communication tool for care givers that uses a translation tool for the healthcare sector;
  • oPerception, an app for people with visual impairment that can read prescription labels, and help identify items and help with navigation;
  • Orthyo, a mobile app that monitors and measures a patient’s rehabilitation efforts and shares with their physiotherapist for any modifications needed;
  • TonicApp, an app designed to assist doctors in their tireless diagnostic information needs that offers them vertical solutions and trusted clinical guidelines;
  • VetaHealth; an app that provides guided care pathways for patients and their care partners that integrates wearables and tracks patient behavior to their care regimen.
  • Zencorlabs, an app with a whistle that monitors left ventricle pressure in the heart—enabling early detection of heart failure.

FibriCheck took the number 1 winner spot. TonicApp from Portugal came in second, and Vetahealth from New York, took third place.

All winners come away with cash prizes, future training and mentoring for bringing their app to future healthcare populations, and the top winner also won a trip to SXSW (South by Southwest) annual meeting in Austin, TX.

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