Nemours telehealth program awarded for transformation of healthcare delivery

May 2, 2018

Nemours Children’s Health System has received the American Telemedicine Association’s (ATA) President’s Award for health delivery innovation. The leading pediatric health system accepted this honor for Nemours CareConnect—a 24/7 on-demand pediatric telehealth program.

Nemours has implemented telemedicine throughout its health system with direct-to-consumer care for acute, chronic, and postsurgical appointments, as well as through its partner hospitals, schools, and even cruise ships. Nemours CareConnect is a 24/7 on-demand pediatric telehealth program which provides families access to Nemours pediatricians through a smartphone, tablet, or computer—whether they are at home, school, or even on the sports field.

Nemours CareConnect has earned top reviews from end-users, in addition to speeding wait times to under five minutes and enabling Nemours to reduce emergency room visits by 25% and urgent care visits by 34%.

Nemours CareConnect is also used by affiliated community hospitals—connecting providers and families at these locations with a Nemours specialist who can remotely assess a pediatric patient. In special cases, Nemours CareConnect is integrated with remote monitoring technology to support families in the management of complex conditions between visits.

In cases where a child is transported to Nemours via critical care transport, a board-certified attending pediatric critical care physician, conducts visual examinations using Nemours CareConnect while the patient is in route. Nearly two years after implementation, this telemedicine initiative is standard practice for intensive care and transport teams.

Nemours has the full release