Securing Remote Radiology with the Zero Trust Exchange

June 26, 2024
Discover how the Zero Trust Exchange is transforming remote radiology security. This video delves into innovative solutions that protect sensitive patient data, ensuring robust security in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Watch now to explore the future of secure remote radiology practices.

Offering hybrid or completely remote radiologist positions can help attract and retain the best talent, and unlock the entire country for potential candidates . . .  if your network was built to support them. This whiteboard session demonstrates how traditional security methods, such as VPN, can create unnecessary choke points and slow down the process of accessing and analyzing medical images. Zscaler's Zero Trust Exchange eliminates the need for VPN and enhances the connection between remote radiologists and their applications. Zero trust optimizes the user experience, increases productivity, reduces security risks, and ultimately improves care delivery in the field of remote radiology.