Securing Your Digital Future

May 26, 2021
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Investing in the Right Cyber Tools and Services for Your Organization

  • The coronavirus pandemic brought fast change to the security needs of healthcare organization's who have more employees working from home than ever before and connected device usage on the rise. This session will focus on how CISOs are continually improving the technological backbone of their security operations to more easily identify bad actors and mitigate threats, all while facing shrinking budgets.

Developing a Robust Identity Access and Governance Program

  • Identity and governance work can be difficult and time-consuming, but our panelists are here to help. This session will focus on the importance of developing a seamless system for identity governance, authorization, and access control and how they are focusing more holistically on the identity lifecycle. The panelists will share lessons learned, give advice on how to improve your existing IAM program; and start a new program if you don’t have one in place.

Securing Your Digital Future

  • As the way people work continues to evolve with more companies moving to a cloud-based computing model, security remains top of mind for IT teams tasked with giving end-users secure, productive access to cloud-delivered digital workspaces.  The typical workforce is now much more widely distributed than ever before, with many people now working from home or at least subscribing to a “hybrid” model that may include working from home, at the office, or almost anywhere else.  And oftentimes on endpoint devices of choice in addition to company asset-tagged “work devices”. This wide geographical distribution of workers, coupled with a broader range of disparate user devices, presents some unique security challenges.  IT teams need to continue to assign, invoke, and enforce company usage policies regardless of where people are working from, or what endpoint device(s) they are using.  In this session, we’ll discuss some strategies that can allow IT to retain endpoint security with full end-user management and control, while still giving people the freedom to work where and how they choose.

Medical Device Security - What You Really Need to Know

  • Securing medical devices is one of the greatest challenges facing healthcare delivery organizations today. Join this discussion to learn how organizations are overcoming common struggles in medical device management. This session will cover everything you need to know to set-up a world class medical device security management program and provide helpful tips that you can use to improve existing programs.