Smith+nephew Patient Monitoring System

Patient Monitoring System Helps Magnet Hospital Exceed Goals for Reducing Pressure Injuries

May 15, 2023

This Magnet-recognized hospital surpassed even its stretch goal for pressure injury prevention thanks to the LEAF◊ Patient Monitoring System, a system designed to help staff improve turn protocol adherence.

In this paper, see:

  • The facility’s goals and actual results for HAPI reduction
  • The increase in turn protocol adherence
  • Estimated ROI in cost savings well beyond the investment of implementing the system

The LEAF System combines wearable patient sensors with a user interface, offering:

  • Personalized care for each patient
  • Digital turn reminders (in room and at the nurses’ station)
  • Confirmation that patient turns have sufficiently offloaded pressure
  • Automatically generated reports that can be used for root cause analysis
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