Big Data analytics

Dec. 29, 2014
Dr. Stephen Ober, CMO, Emdeon

Dr. Stephen Ober introduces the panel for the discussion: Bimal Naik, Chief Client Officer, Citiustech and David Flectcher, Director of Solution Development, Streamline Health.

Bimal Naik provides a description of CitiusTech and his position within the company.

David Fletcher provides a description of Streamline Health and his position within the company.

Ober brings up the question of risk shifting from the traditional payer model to the provider model and the patient model.

Bimal Naik, Chief Client Officer, CitiusTech

Naik addresses risk shifting to providers.

Ober asks Fletcher what providers ought to do in order to prepare for the upcoming changes they face.

Fletcher responds by expressing the need for a broader awareness for patient populations outside our given organizations.

Ober segues to connectivity and its ever expanding scope in healthcare. He asks Fletcher for his opinion on what he sees as the most significant upcoming area of connectivity.

Fletcher discusses the impacts of personal devices and how the patient’s engagement with a personal device may impact care outcomes.

Ober asks Naik about use cases relative to connectivity and interoperability.”

Naik breaks down interoperability and data aggregation, as well as the task of delivering information at the time stakeholders make decisions.

Ober brings up the one pipe, one portal, solution.

Naik discusses the subtleties regarding one pipe solutions.

Realtive to expanding responsibilities and drivers, Ober asks Fletcher “how do you manage this chaos?”

David Fletcher, Director of Solution Development, Streamline Health

Fletcher makes the case for a disciplined structure to your data.

Ober and Fletcher talk about the importance of flexibility given “tomorrow there is going to be a different rule.”

Naik expands upon Fletcher’s comments relative to the need for flexiblity in gathering data.

Fletcher brings up “the power of prediction” and addresses predictive strategies in terms of patient care.

Ober segues to Big Data and clinical analytics.

Fletcher addresses the need for structure when gathering Big Data in a clinical setting.

Ober expresses the need for the industry to recognize the power and differences between structured, unstructured and semi-structured data.

Ober asks Naik about security when dealing with Big Data.

Naik brings up three areas of concern that must be resolved when dealing with Big Data in healthcare.

Ober makes the statement that “Big Data may be a myth.” He goes on to ask Fletcher about the importance of “the voice of the patient.”

Fletcher discusses how patients are now experts in their disease and that they seek active engagement in their care. Our policies must make the patient a “first-class citizen” in healthcare.

Ober plays devil’s advocate and asks if every patient needs access to all their health information.

Naik states that healthcare must treat the patient, and those caregivers around the patient, as “the customer.”

Ober closes the conference call.

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