Interoperability & HIE

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Global Outage Disrupts Healthcare Systems

Global Outage Disrupts Healthcare Systems

July 19, 2024
911 Emergency services down in several states after a misconfigured CrowdStrike Falcon update was pushed to Microsoft Windows
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Interoperability & HIE

ONC HITAC Report Recommends Areas for Future Work

March 18, 2024
Among the topics that the annual report says ONC should work on are better interoperability with pharmacies, labs and post-acute care providers
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Interoperability & HIE

Connecticut HIE Tool Works to Prevent Polypharmacy

March 13, 2024
Medication Management tool developed by Connie is based on the work of its Medication Reconciliation and Polypharmacy Work Group
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Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Data Begins Flowing in California’s Data Exchange Framework

March 8, 2024
The nearly 200 organizations that selected Manifest MedEx as their data exchange intermediary are now meeting data-sharing obligations
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Health IT Vendors to Support USCDI + Cancer Data Elements

March 7, 2024
A data sprint will seek to drive widespread inclusion in electronic health records of information that is critical to effective cancer treatment
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Interoperability & HIE

An Open Healthcare Technology System: A Catalyst for Long-Term Innovation

March 6, 2024
It’s time to let go of old assumptions and thought patterns around interoperability, says one senior healthcare tech executive