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Spotlight on Artificial Intelligence

Unlock the potential of AI in our latest series. Discover how AI is revolutionizing clinical decision support, improving workflow efficiency, and transforming medical documentation in two insightful sessions. Register now to learn more!
Population Health Management

Telehealth: Moving Forward Into the Future

Register now to explore two insightful sessions that delve into the transformative potential of telehealth and virtual care management solutions.

How Gen AI is driving efficiency in the ED

June 4, 2024
Discover how Gen AI is revolutionizing efficiency in the Emergency Department (ED), enhancing patient care, and alleviating staffing challenges. Join Microsoft and Valley View Hospital leaders to explore the transformative power of AI-powered solutions firsthand.

Improving care with AI-powered solutions

April 23, 2024
You will not want to miss this webinar delving into the transformative impact of AI-powered solutions on healthcare. Join industry leaders Reid Conant and Dr. Patrick McGill as they explore how technology is revolutionizing patient care and clinician-patient interactions.

Shield your health system against cyber threats

April 4, 2024
This informative webinar about how you can protect your healthcare organization is available to watch now! Learn how to fortify your health system against evolving cyber threats with innovative strategies and a consolidated cybersecurity approach.

Trailblazing Technologies: Looking at the Top Technologies for the Emerging U.S. Healthcare System

Register for the first session of the Healthcare Innovation Spotlight Series today to learn more about 'Healthcare's New Promise: Generative AI', the latest technology that is completely transforming the industry!

Data: The Bedrock of Digital Engagement

March 21, 2024
Watch now to discover how data serves as the cornerstone of digital engagement in healthcare. Learn from Frederick Health's transformative journey and gain practical strategies to enhance your organization's digital front-door experience.

Insights from New Research: Realizing Benefits of Digital Cognitive Assessments in Primary Care

Feb. 21, 2024
Uncover the latest research on digital cognitive assessments in primary care. Join neuropsychologists for an insightful discussion on detecting Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, and enhancing patient care in ambulatory settings using digital assessment technology.