Innovator Awards Vendor Finalist: Sign in Scheduling by 10to8

March 13, 2023
+ + Sponsored Content + + A platform created to improve the service quality and revenue for healthcare providers.
2023 Innovator Winner Story Images Sign In 10to8

Sign In Scheduling (formerly 10to8) was created to improve the service quality and revenue for healthcare providers. The company began in 2011, when discussions with a dentist revealed the need for better communication with patients in order to provide a better patient experience (PX) and promote loyalty.

We recognized this coordination problem was shared across healthcare providers, so Sign In Scheduling (SISc) has been focused on solving it ever since. Specifically, for organizations that provide services to patients through bookings, whose revenue is hurt the most by missed appointments, and whose day is interrupted constantly by patient phone calls. 

SISc is HIPAA-ready* scheduling software now used by over 1,200 U.S. healthcare practitioners across 800 providers, including hospitals and clinics, for appointment management, online booking, and optimized patient communications. Around 500,000 U.S. healthcare appointments were scheduled in 2022 for both on-premise and virtual appointments.

Globally, millions of appointments have been booked with SISc, with over one million appointments booked by one leading provider alone. SISc provides a fully accessible, seamless PX by opening an organization's digital front door** which increases revenue.

Our AI messaging solution improves back office processes and dramatically reduces friction with no-wait phone bookings, automatic reminders, alerts, and the ability for patients to change their appointments through a 24/7 dedicated patient portal.

SISc reduces missed appointments by up to 90%.

Billions of minutes are lost each year due to missed appointments and countless miscommunications. Despite millions of administrators, the manual tasks can be insurmountable. SISc automates these by making bookings moveable, flexible, and responsive.

“We empower patients through 24/7 self-service?” Watch now.

Organizations benefit from SISc by easy-to-manage appointments, based on safe parameters that define their rosters, and automatically audit staffing levels and events, resulting in increased business insight quicker.

Benefits - Healthcare Providers

1. Unlocks more capacity, with no change in cost base
A leading healthcare provider went from 80% to 102%*** utilization of capacity - a 25% increase in patient facing appointments. With SISc they could facilitate on-the-day walk-ins which boosted their capacity and have since booked over one million appointments. With the same resources their 26 clinics were all busier, while staff stress levels were dramatically reduced. Patient complaints decreased, with no customers suing them.

“Sweat the asset, match capacity with demand. There’s less sickness, less stress. I can’t remember the last time I got a formal complaint.” Watch now. 

Reduces patient DNA’s

“We don’t have many DNA’s or cancellations. They’ve decreased to 4% from 14%...patient satisfaction is the biggest impact. ” Watch now

3. Increased capacity drives  revenue growth
Vesta Healthcare**** achieved a 150% increase in appointment volumes across 7,000 patients

4. Safer staffing and compliance 

  • Every appointment is auditable and trackable, providing crucial insights into patient behavior, and staff and resource utilization

  • SISc eliminates the risk of error that comes with large numbers of bookings

  • Transforms the management of staffing levels, reducing staff burnout

“...I want information, not data. Now I have it” Watch now

5. Improves P-SATs and boosts PX

  • Vesta Healthcare’s patient wait time reduced to 3.6 days, compared to the average of 6.3 days across U.S. hospitals

  • SISc - NPS 39 and CSAT score 83%

  • Over 1,500 online reviews - average rating 4.7 across G2, Gartner, and others

Benefits - Patients:

“...keeping patients abreast of what’s going on. Reduces confusion and stress.”Watch now.

  1. Patients have more transparency of their treatment flow

  2. Safer, flexible, fit-for-purpose appointments, with informed patient interactions

  3. Accessible; WCAG-compliant online booking, automated voice booking, and multi-channel reminders. All patients, regardless of age, technical know-how, or access to technology, can book appointments 24/7.

“Patients can now use their everyday tech for their healthcare too”. Watch now

SISc’s been continually scaling its technology and accelerating deployment times to meet the global demand that Covid-19 created. We ran the vaccination program for the entire country of Bermuda, enabling rapid deployment of vaccinations to key workers including the police. Hundreds of thousands of Americans booked their Covid-19 tests with SISc.

Blending cloud software and modern communications technologies, SISc is powering appointments for time better spent. We bring healthcare professionals and patients together in the right place at the right time, with no admin burden. 

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