Spacelabs Buys Predictive Analytics Company PeraHealth

Feb. 20, 2023
PeraHealth develops predictive enterprise software based on the Rothman Index, a score to quantify patient acuity

Spacelabs Healthcare, a provider of medical equipment and services, has acquired predictive analytics company PeraHealth.

Founded in 2010, PeraHealth develops predictive enterprise software based on the Rothman Index, a score to quantify patient acuity.

The Rothman Index was invented by founders Michael and Steven Rothman as a composite measurement of a patient's condition using 26 clinical variables taken from the EHR and sensitive to signs of patient clinical decline. Many leading health systems have used the Rothman Index, including Yale New Haven Health System, Houston Methodist, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and Mission Health.

Many hospitals use the Rothman Index in their efforts to battle sepsis. “That is a key example of how it is used,” said PeraHealth CEO Stephanie Alexander. “Sepsis is one of those conditions that can sneak up on you in the hospital. All hospitals are working on ways to get early information to determine if a patient is at high risk of sepsis.”

PeraHealth’s solutions alert clinicians to patient deterioration, helping to reduce in-hospital mortality, unplanned transfers to the ICU, and to drive more timely palliative care consults.

Snoqualmie, Wash.-based Spacelabs, a division of OSI Systems Inc., is a provider of medical equipment and services, including solutions for patient monitoring and connectivity, diagnostic cardiology, and supplies and accessories selling to hospitals, clinics and physician offices.

The Spacelabs team said it would continue the journey that the Rothman brothers and PeraHealth started more than 10 years ago to provide clinicians with a visual dashboard of the patient’s condition in real-time, helping them to detect changes before they become life-threatening.

“Our mission at Spacelabs is to empower care teams to achieve superior outcomes by providing seamless, high-quality actionable insights,” said Spacelabs President Shalabh Chandra, in a statement. “By integrating PeraHealth’s powerful analytics into Spacelabs’ digital health portfolio, we can help healthcare organizations deliver better outcomes and decrease costs with a clearer picture of their patients’ health.”

“The alignment of our vision with that of Spacelabs is remarkable,” said Joseph Beals, Ph.D., former CEO of PeraHealth, in a statement. He will lead Spacelabs’ data science strategy after the acquisition. “We are confident that Spacelabs will build on the success of PeraHealth’s solutions to further improve patient care, and together we will write the next chapter in digital health innovation.”

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