Workstations: Products – Mar/Apr 2018

Feb. 27, 2018
StyleView Patient eTable

StyleView Patient eTable

The StyleView Patient eTable is a height-adjustable, rolling table that can be positioned over a patient’s bed or chair for practical and comfortable use in hospital rooms, chemotherapy, or dialysis treatment areas and long-term care facilities. The Patient eTable provides hospitals with an effective ergonomic solution for introducing technology into patient rooms and interactions. The arm allows for easy digital access to a tablet for better patient engagement, enhancing the in-room experience and ability to access a variety of healthcare services, including physician or nurse contact and scheduling, discharge instructions and patient entertainment. The worksurface offers ample room for meal trays, personal devices or writing tools. It can also be customized to include a pull-out drawer and optional baskets to store personal belongings within reach. The flexible design allows hospitals to accommodate the tablets and phones the patient brings to the hospital or to configure a charging system optimized to the facility’s tablet devices with two easy-to-access USB ports. For a secure and universal tablet interface, the accessory Lockable Tablet Mount is recommended. Ergotron

Embrace SLIM Wall-Mounted Workstation

Proximity Systems introduces sub-$1,000 workstations for hospital technology

Proximity Systems, a provider of technology furniture solutions to healthcare, announced upgrades to its Embrace SLIM Wall-Mounted Workstation and its Embrace SLIM Wall-Mounted Workstation with an Open Face at a new, more affordable price point, as well as upgrades to its CX entry-level cabinets. Because the Embrace multi-compartment, wall-mounted workstation cabinets are priced under $1,000 each, hospitals can purchase them without going through capital approval.

The Proximity Embrace line features a multi-compartment design that provides hospitals with a locked, secure CPU compartment that can only be accessed by designated hospital personnel. This helps hospitals meet HIPAA requirements for secure client information. The cabinets’ design facilitates interactions between caregivers and patients while also helping hospitals maintain and increase their HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) scores.

When strategically placed in patient rooms, ERs, ICUs, and other frequented areas, the wall-mounted Proximity Embrace workstations ensure that data is always at caregivers’ fingertips. The in-room cabinets and workstations save time and effort, allowing hospital staff to focus energy on what is important—providing the best care to their patients.

The Embrace SLIM Wall-Mounted Workstation offers an upper enclosed compartment designed specifically to store CPUs behind a locked door. It is 4-inches deep and includes continuous airflow to protect equipment from overheating. The lower compartment folds down to provide caregivers with a spacious and comfortable workstation capable of holding up to 400 pounds; the keyboard and mouse dock automatically when the worksurface is closed.

The Embrace SLIM Wall-Mounted Workstation with an Open Face offers the same ventilated, 4-inch-deep upper enclosed compartment for storing CPUs behind a locked door but with an open-face design that enables the monitor to be seen, even when the cabinet is not being used. The lower compartment folds down to provide caregivers with a spacious and comfortable workstation that supports up to 400 pounds. The keyboard and mouse dock automatically when the worksurface is closed.

At the same time, Proximity also announced updates to two of its entry-level cabinets:

CXD is a 4-inch thin document workstation designed for laptops, tablets, or charts. Ideal for patient bedside documentation and hallway installations, the unit is priced at $795.

CX1 is a 4-inch-deep wall-mounted computer workstation that works for space-constrained or egress areas. Available with a swivel feature or an exposed, fixed-monitor mount, the CX1 comes with cable management, keyboard and mouse storage. It is priced at $595 for the fixed monitor mount and at $795 with the swivel feature. Proximity Systems

GCX launches next-generation fetal monitoring workstation for today’s healthcare environments

GCX, a provider of medical instrument and IT mounting solutions, launched its newest Fetal Monitoring Workstation, which combines fetal monitoring and electronic medical record (EMR) hardware in a single bedside cart. This newest generation in the GCX Modular Cart Series is designed to improve clinical workflows and integrate IT components and accessories into an efficient, safe workstation on wheels.

The new Fetal Monitoring Workstation features a fully configurable, adjustable and ergonomic design with monitoring, displays, accessories and EMR hardware all integrated into a single module cart that supports multiple users. There’s more storage, with up to six fully extendable drawers for easier access to stowed items and additional space to store a CPU, UPS, or isolation transformer. Additionally, the base comes in several prefabricated or custom finishes.

Among the workstation’s benefits are:

  • Improved accessibility: Monitoring and EMR hardware is positioned for greater mobility and easy viewing by both clinicians and patients. There’s also a versatile work surface for note-taking and charting.
  • Space-saving and mobile design: An integrated approach makes is easier to quickly move the workstation out of the way during emergencies.
  • Easy reconfiguration: Drawers, monitors, shelves, and IT hardware can easily be removed or repositioned as needed.
  • Better cable management: Cables are arranged and concealed for greater access and safety.
  • More storage options: Wide, shallow drawers allow for ample storage space so supplies and accessories can be quickly found or replenished.
  • Flexible EMR hardware configurations: The cart’s flat panel and keyboard can be configured on-demand as a fully adjustable, ergonomic workstation when data entry is ongoing and then rotated to another position, or stored-away data entry is minimal. Also, more flat screens can be added to fit workflow needs.
  • Medical-grade construction: Designed and manufactured for medical use, this workstation is made to perform through 10 to 15 years of constant use. GCX
CareLink Nurse Workstation

Intelligent mobile nurse workstation

The CareLink Nurse Workstation elevates mobile computing to the next level, with improved communications, N-Stride steering assist, and N-Sight, an intelligent platform for proactive cart fleet management. CareLink provides ergonomic features and workflow solutions that simplify the daily tasks associated with providing patient care, and a software solution that saves IT time managing and monitoring cart fleet performance.

CareLink enables improved communications through touchscreen shortcuts. The on-board messaging software allows clinicians to send service requests and receive notifications. Electronic lift enables height adjustment with clinician personalized preferences, such as seated and standing heights, which can be stored, so adjustments are automatic each time they sign in. A battery status icon indicates the amount of runtime remaining so carts can be charged and available for continuous 24/7 care.

CareLink is easy to move with N-Stride steering control. By locking a front caster, clinicians can easily navigate halls and turn corners without strain. Dual-position handles and a height-adjustable rotating monitor provide user comfort and help ensure proper ergonomics. The CareLink platform is fully configurable to accommodate a facility’s storage and organizational needs.

The N-Sight Fleet Management Software is a flexible platform that connects IT to nursing. N-Sight is a cloud-based system that communicates with CareLink carts, collecting data on cart performance and usage. It allows Hospital IT to remotely configure and update carts, monitor asset utilization, and easily locate carts throughout their facility.
The CareLink Mobile Workstation allows clinicians to focus on the delivery of patient care, and enables IT to proactively manage and monitor their facility’s cart fleet. Capsa Healthcare

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