AT&T collaborates with Aira to develop new AI-powered prescription medication reader

March 7, 2018

AT&T and Aira are developing and testing a solution designed to help people who are blind or have low vision better manage their prescription medication. The companies are working through the AT&T Foundry to develop the solution.

Nearly 60% of Americans take prescription drugs. Correctly reading the dosage instructions and other information printed on their labels is vital.

Aira develops transformative remote assistive technology that connects the blind with a network of certified agents via wearable smart glasses and an augmented reality dashboard. The agents serve as visual interpreters for people who are blind, helping them accomplish a wide range of tasks and activities, from navigating busy streets or airports to running a marathon or reading a bedtime story.

One of the most-requested features among Aira’s customers is medication recognition. With this in mind, AT&T is currently helping Aira develop a recognition solution that utilizes “Hey Chloe,” Aira’s new artificial intelligence (AI) platform, to correctly identify prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.

Aira’s medication reader will be available for use in conjunction with Aria Horizon Smart Glasses, Aira’s next-generation wearable using Voice First technology. Available in May, Aira Horizon Smart Glasses have built in “Hey Chloe” functionality and will come paired with an Aira-dedicated smartphone, powered by AT&T, unlocking Aira’s technology for the 58% of U.S. seniors who do not currently own a smartphone. Horizon will provide an integrated, connected solution that enables people who are blind or have low vision to take advantage of the Aira service, regardless of whether they already own a smartphone.

For a preview of the pill bottle reader solution and Aira Horizon, visit the AT&T booth (#5832) at HIMSS18 or go to the Connected Marketplace to learn more about Aira Smart Glasses.

HIMSS has the full release

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