Medical Education Startup Joins Health2047’s Portfolio

Sept. 25, 2023
ScholarRx curriculum solution features a platform with modular “bricks” of customizable learning content powered by an open authoring tool

Health2047, the Silicon Valley-based innovation subsidiary of the American Medical Association (AMA), has introduced the latest addition to its portfolio of startups. ScholarRx is a curriculum system that seeks to modernize medical education development and delivery via customizable, reusable and interconnectable learning units.

The ScholarRx solution features a platform with modular “bricks” of customizable learning content powered by an open authoring tool that makes it easy for institutions and educators to create more personalized and meaningful medical learning experiences.

“Health2047 is proud to partner with ScholarRx on its important work in healthcare education innovation,” said Lawrence K. Cohen, CEO of Health2047, in a statement. "The company’s work filling curriculum gaps, increasing access to valuable resources and accommodating different learning styles for students is crucial to training the next generation of talented doctors." 

The company develops a suite of digital medical education tools that leverage interactive media and learning analytics to evolve with student needs, increase engagement, improve knowledge retention and enable personalized learning pathways. ScholarRx said this approach ensures that learners have access to content that is current, instructionally-sound and aligned with their goals. 

The team at ScholarRx says it has developed the first global health sciences curriculum exchange and an extensive library of multi-competency medical education content that is ready to be integrated into any existing curriculum or learning environment. With this growing library and its open authoring platform, educators can create tailored learning experiences for students no matter what their needs may be. 

Other companies in Health2047’s portfolio include:

• Evidium, whose evidence-based medicine (EBM) augmented intelligence (AI) technologies support and enrich physicians’ decision-making. (2021)

• SiteBridge Research, an Integrated Research Organization (IRO), who helps connect physicians and patients to clinical trials and facilitates the process by reducing barriers for sites and participants. (2021)

• Phenomix Sciences, who is developing products based on the founders’ work at the Mayo Clinic that shows obesity is comprised of four distinct phenotypes. (2021)

• Medcurio, whose instant data access solution simplifies insight extraction and allows healthcare organizations to harness the full value of their data quickly and efficiently while protecting patient data privacy. (2020)

• Zing Health, a tech-enabled Medicare Advantage plan that helps doctors and communities coordinate improved and individualized care for chronically underserved populations. (2019)

• First Mile Care, a preventive chronic care company building an affordable, scalable, and sustainable platform to reverse prediabetes. (2018)