Providence Digital Innovation Group Launches Patient Engagement Platform

Oct. 2, 2023
Health system says Praia platform enables new types of omni-channel experiences that reflect a consumer's entire health ecosystem beyond just their clinical record

A patient engagement platform launched within the Renton, Wash.-based Providence health system in January 2022 is the lates incubated technology innovation developed in the Providence Digital Innovation Group to reach the market.

The Praia Identity and Engagement Platform currently supports more than 3 million user accounts, delivering more than $20 million in measurable value back to the organization in the 2022 calendar year alone, according to 51-hospital Providence.

The platform has four core components:

  • Identity-Driven Personalization Services that create and manage robust consumer profiles that extend beyond the medical record—enabling an individualized and dynamic digital experience for every consumer.
  • Consumer Experience Products that streamline the delivery of highly personalized mobile and web experiences that attract, retain, and engage patients—and create digital differentiation for the health system.
  • Ecosystem Integrations supporting the full health consumer ecosystem—across the system and through outside partners—enabling health systems to fully leverage existing investments and take advantage of evolving market innovation.
  • Analytics Dashboard for new high-value consumer insight, extending visibility across clinical, operational and programmatic boundaries.

The platform is anchored by patent-pending identity and profile technology that creates better experiences for patients by seamlessly connecting fragmented data sources and point solutions, Providence said. This enables new types of omni-channel experiences that reflect a consumer's entire health ecosystem—beyond just their clinical record.

Past technologies that Providence has incubated include: Xealth, an integrated digital ordering and analytics platform that enables care teams to order digital health content, apps and services and became its own company in 2017; Circle, a women's health application that was acquired by Wildflower Health in 2018; and DexCare, a platform-as-a-service for health systems that orchestrates digital demand and health system capacity across all lines of care that spun out as a separate in company in 2021.

Digital health veteran Justin Dearborn will serve as Praia executive-in-residence, bringing extensive health care, enterprise and technology business expertise. Among his previous positions, he served as CEO of Merge Healthcare, an IBM company, from 2008 to 2016.

"Praia Health comes with its own 'customer zero' so we can directly project the value of the platform to our future health system customers," Dearborn said in a statement. "It's a rare opportunity to lead an organization that has such a measurable track record of success. I'm excited to support the transformation of health systems through the power of digital."