Emory Healthcare First to Use Epic on the Mac at Scale

March 11, 2024
Atlanta-based health system is planning to make MacBook Air computers available to thousands of its clinicians in 2024

Atlanta-based Emory Healthcare deploying 15-inch MacBook Air and the launch of the new native Epic Hyperspace app. According to Emory, this marks the first time Epic will be available to clinicians on the Mac App Store.

Eleven-hospital Emory Healthcare is the first U.S. health system to use Epic on the Mac at scale. Responding to demand from employees, Emory is planning to make MacBook Air available to thousands of its clinicians in 2024 — in addition to iPhones and iPads used throughout the organization today. In its analysis prior to making the decision, Emory found that using MacBook Air instead of a PC will save $300 per device per year in software licensing and support costs, adding up to hundreds of thousands of dollars of savings per year.

"In an era where technology is helping shape the future of healthcare and digital transformation, our deployment of Epic on MacBook Air is more than just a technical achievement; it's a statement,” says Scott Smiser, chief technology officer for Emory Healthcare, in a statement. “It underscores our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible and reaffirms our role as catalysts for positive change in the industry.”

Epic comes to the Mac for the first time with no additional application delivery layer, such as a virtual desktop, needed. The Emory Digital team said it validated this solution at scale in Emory’s Apple Digital Innovation and Testing lab.

“Many clinicians will be excited to use Epic natively on their Macs,” said Seth Howard, Epic’s senior vice president of research and development, in a statement. “This new app provides the full Epic experience and is available now on the Mac App Store.” 

"We are so pleased to be able to offer our healthcare providers choices for how they use Epic,” added Laura Fultz, vice president of applications and digital experience for Emory Digital, in a statement. “Now, our clinicians can run Epic directly on their Mac and are finding a faster, intuitive and delightful user experience.”

In addition to significant cost savings, Apple products include recycled and renewable materials, as well as reducing energy draw by 50 percent, which Emory said brings it closer to meeting the sustainability goals set by The Joint Commission. 


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