Henry Ford Broadens Availability of Specialty Pharmacy Software

Oct. 25, 2022
Developed by Henry Ford Health in 2013, DromosPTM is now used by seven leading specialty pharmacies and healthcare systems from Massachusetts to Utah

Henry Ford Innovations (HFI), an arm of Detroit-based Henry Ford Health, is rolling out its home-grown specialty pharmacy software platform, DromosPTM, to pharmacies across the country.

Developed and implemented by Henry Ford Health in 2013 to address an internal need, the platform quickly grew beyond Detroit and is now used by seven leading specialty pharmacies and healthcare systems from Massachusetts to Utah. More systems are planning to adopt the platform in the coming months, HFI said.

The health system said that DromosPTM fills a long-existing gap in the specialty pharmacy industry by offering efficient patient-focused care and service. Specialty pharmacies differ from traditional pharmacies by coordinating aspects of patient care and disease management. They deliver medications that demand special handling, storage and distribution for chronic and rare conditions.

This DromosPTM application solves several problems regularly seen in specialty pharmacy cases such as finding financial assistance for costly prescriptions, enhanced monitoring and emphasizing best practices. For example, organizations are leveraging the platform by expanding their pharmacy capabilities within patient portals, allowing patients to easily request often-complicated prescription refills and transfers.

"We are proud to have leading healthcare organizations joining our DromosPTM network to transform lives through advanced patient therapy management," said Lisa Prasad, Henry Ford Health's chief innovation officer and leader of Henry Ford Innovations, in a statement. "These partnerships allow increased functionality and provide patients across the country a better experience and care." 

DromosPTM was designed and developed at Henry Ford Health's specialty pharmacy, Pharmacy Advantage, which is supported by CarepathRx LLC. At the time, Pharmacy Advantage team members recognized an opportunity to improve care administration and outcomes, resulting in the development of the platform and partnership with HFI for licensing and distribution.

"DromosPTM is helping the specialty pharmacy industry scale their businesses and improve both operational and clinical outcomes as their organizations continues to grow," said David Shepherd, president and CEO of Henry Ford’s Community Care Services, in a statement. "By helping remove barriers from patients, like cost and prior authorizations, DromosPTM has created positive patient outcomes already."

Established in 2011 to develop and commercialize its intellectual assets, HFI has enacted more than 30 licensing agreements, representing over $100 million in future revenue, the organization said.

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