Chartis Announces the Chartis Center for Burnout Solutions

Feb. 27, 2023
The Chartis Group recently welcomed DES Health Consulting to the firm and introduced a new initiative to reduce burnout in the healthcare workforce

According to a Feb. 22 news release, leaders of The Chartis Group, a Chicago-based consulting firm, announced the Chartis Center for Burnout Solutions and welcomed DES Health Consulting, a company that works with multi-hospital healthcare systems to reduce burnout, to the firm.

The press release says that “The Chartis Center for Burnout Solutions is led by psychologists with deep healthcare and leadership experience. Their industry-leading assessment tool with more than 12.5 million data points measures the metrics that matter to a client’s workforce and provides hierarchical dashboards to help an organization move from data to action. Results include significantly reduced turnover, suicide ideation, burnout gender gap, and improved perceptions of safety, along with improvement in many other key workforce metrics.”

Roger Ray, M.D., Chartis chief physician executive said in a statement, “By establishing the Chartis Center for Burnout Solutions, we will be able to help clients gather deep insights on their workforce, then implement proactive, data-driven solutions that improve wellness and resiliency. The healthcare workforce is a vital part of our communities, and addressing their health is key to helping our clients materially improve healthcare.” 

Dan Shapiro, Ph.D., will serve as director and head of the Chartis Center for Burnout Solutions. Shapiro was a tenured faculty with an endowed professorship at Penn State University, most recently serving as Vice Dean. According to the release, Shapiro “has a longstanding interest in systematic approaches to improving the well-being of health professionals.”

Shapiro was quoted in the release saying that “Our clients want to be the workforce destinations of choice. Health professionals who contribute at their fullest ability for their patients perform better from a strategic, financial, and clinical quality perspective. My team and I are eager to bring enhanced capabilities to Chartis that will make an immediate and positive difference for our clients and communities.” 

The creation of the Chartis Center for Burnout enhances Chartis’ mission to help hospitals, health systems, and medical groups resolve complicated workforce challenges.