BioIQ Partners with Health Plans, Employers, and Government Agencies to Enable Convenient At-Home Health Testing at ScaleBioIQ

March 2, 2022
--SPONSORED CONTENT-- BioIQ modernized the field of diagnostics with solutions that move beyond brick-and-mortar testing facilities. Its efforts have enabled consumers to access routine health screenings and COVID-19 tests from the comfort of home.
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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers have struggled to access health testing resources. Lab supply chain interruptions resulted in unmet demand for vital COVID-19 testing supplies while reduced provider engagement amid social distancing efforts prevented many patients from engaging in routine health screenings. These challenges put amplified strain on an already overburdened healthcare workforce that is still immersed in the COVID response and now bracing for the negative downstream consequences of deferred care.

To help overcome these barriers to health access, BioIQ increased efforts to enable timely access to consumer health testing solutions on behalf of U.S. health plans, employers, and government agencies. Since 2005, the analytics-driven population health testing company has delivered reliable and timely health testing, screening, and vaccination programs centered on at-home, worksite-based, and retail-based health testing alternatives. By offering consumers more convenient access to health testing solutions through their insurers and employer wellness programs, BioIQ is able to impact population health on a scale that is 7 to 10 times greater than direct-to-consumer channels.

At the onset of the pandemic, the company stepped up and adapted by adding COVID-19 testing solutions to its lineup of consumer-friendly test kits. To meet this end, BioIQ rapidly expanded its ecosystem of partners with additional specialized laboratories such as Assurance Scientific Laboratories and Fulgent Genetics, innovative diagnostics companies such as Biomeme, and leading services organizations such as MLU Services to bring new saliva-based, antigen, and multi-panel COVID-19 testing solutions and vaccination services to market. To date, the company has facilitated more than one million consumer COVID-19 tests on behalf of state agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and more than 50 health plans representing 7 out of 10 fully insured American lives.

BioIQ also experienced record demand for its flagship routine health screening kits during the pandemic. That lineup includes screenings for some of the most deadly and costly medical conditions in the U.S., including colorectal cancer, diabetes, and kidney disease, to name a few. The company saw use of its most popular test kits grow by more than 700% as employers and insurers sought new ways to get these essential resources to consumers.

BioIQ modernized the field of diagnostics with solutions that move beyond brick-and-mortar testing facilities. The company’s efforts have enabled countless consumers to access routine health screenings and COVID-19 tests from the comfort of home. Using its extensive lab partner network and innovative technology platform, BioIQ is able to support population health by leveraging consumer analytics to ensure that testing and immunizations are delivered intelligently and at scale. In-home and worksite and retail-based testing solutions bring greater convenience to consumers, offering employers and insurers new avenues to sup-port worker and member health through early detection, reducing downstream care costs.

BioIQ continues to scale testing for health plan, employer, and consumer populations, expanding the use of its analytics-driven platform, engagement expertise, integrated telehealth resources, and more than 30 testing and immunization solutions. This is done with a mindful eye on social determinants of health and how they impact consumer engagement to help healthcare stakeholders close gaps in care and promote greater health equity. The company continues to add new resources to its lineup of at-home diagnostic solutions, revolutionizing consumer access to care by moving it beyond the traditional healthcare ecosystem.

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